Cameo Paris tried to fight the feelings she had for Bryan Hunter, but when she realized she would rather try to live a normal life with him in it, it was too late. He was angry at her for something she wasn’t aware of and he had decided to go to Spain on a career decision rather than work on a relationship that would have made him genuinely happy. She was sure it had something to do with his best friend, Jonathan Wilder, especially since he showed up on her doorstep, late at night and drunk beyond recognition. What kept Bryan from loving her? Was it something Jonathan had planned?

Did Bryan have something to do with the murder of Cameo’s step-mother? If he did, there was no reasoning as to why. Cameo needed to find the answers before her illness got the best of her. She was being forced to make a decision about her health and opt for a surgery that would help with the symptoms, but also hinder her immune system. She was ordered by the doctor to keep her stress levels low until after her surgery, but even with the help of her friends, it was a difficult task since Bryan was leaving, Jonathan blamed himself and the police were knocking on Cameo’s door basically suspecting her for the murder of her step-mother.

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