Cameo Paris didn’t expect anything special out of life. When she got diagnosed with the same illness that killed her mother, she learned to take each day and live it for herself. When her father remarried the worst woman on the planet, Cameo moved to Boston and started her life there. She loved her career and her friends but never got too close to anyone. Her best friend Stacey didn’t see things that way. She felt that Cameo needed to find love in order to really live life.

When she set Cameo up with Bryan Hunter, a successful, very rich and very good looking man from an online dating site, Cameo was angry. She didn’t want anyone in her life to complicate things. She found it hard to keep her barriers up and to keep herself from falling for Bryan. When she got mixed signals from him, she decided to keep her feelings to herself. What she didn’t know was that Bryan Hunter had fallen for her just as hard, but because of several disappointing relationships in the past, he vowed to marry his work and stop investing wasted time and money into a love that would never happen.

Do they finally find each other and admit their love for each other or does life pull them apart by sending Bryan to Spain on a major career move? Will Cameo’s illness take over her life or will the murder of her step-mother ruin her chance at happiness?

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